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Weekly Top Ten #9

Hey All,

Wow, two weeks in a row since Covid-19 started happening in full force here in the states. Unfortunately, most of these articles involve Covid-19 in some way. It’s hard to escape the pandemic even in online journalism.

Regardless they are good articles. Here are our Top 10 finds for this past week.

This batch is a good one.

  1. Can Amazon handle the coronavirus pressure? (Protocol)
    Amazon sure is trying. The company in increasing its workforce and even limiting some of what it sells to just the essentials.
  2. Coming together to combat COVID-19 (Satya Nadella on LinkedIn)
    A great piece on LinkedIn from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella about how we can all come together to fight this pandemic.
  3. Amazon Prime delivery delays are now as long as a month (Recode)
    To be honest, it’s going to happen. There is more strain on the supply chain. Together we can get through this, even with the delays.
  4. Google’s Covid-19 Website
    Trump preemptively said such a site is being built by Google. It suprise Google, but they stepped up and here it is.
  5. Amazon, Apple and Microsoft CEOs detail their companies’ efforts to combat coronavirus pandemic (TechCrunch)
    Here’s to seeing the big guys team up.
  6. [Watch] Live With Search Engine Land: Top SEOs talk COVID-19 upheaval, traffic movements and more (Search Engine Land)
    This is a great livestream. It’s a bit inside baseball for those not in the SEO realm, But worth a watch.
  7. YouTube to Limit Video Quality Around the World for a Month (Bloomberg)
    This just shows how taxing our current internet infrastructure is and how we need to be mindful of that. Can you even imagine this pandemic without the internet?
  8. The Coronavirus Revives Facebook as a News Powerhouse (New York Times)
    I hate to admit it, but I’m using Facebook more.
  9. Facebook, Google Could Lose Over $44 Billion in Ad Revenue in 2020 Because of Coronavirus (Variety)
    We’re all losing money right now, but dang that’s quite a bit of coin.
  10. Facebook, Microsoft partner with WHO for coronavirus hackathon (CNBC)
    Hackathons are great, especially when they help fight something like Covid-19.

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