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Weekly Top Ten #8

Hey All,

Sorry for skipping last week’s Top 10. With Covid-19 bearing down here, we had to get stuff organized for the impending social distancing/quarantine. Well we’re back! So it’s Friday.

To celebrate (and like we do every Friday), here are our Top 10 finds for this past week.

This batch is a good one.

  1. We’re a Fully Remote Nonprofit; Here’s Some Advice on Working From Home (Creative Commons)
  2. School’s Out… Or Is It? (Internet Archive Blogs)
  3. Coronavirus could force ISPs to abandon data caps forever (TechCrunch)
  4. Google says it is developing a nationwide coronavirus website (Reuters)
  5. Online ID verification is seeing a spike in demand driven by COVID-19 (TechCrunch)
  6. Bing’s COVID-19 tracker filters data, news and video by region (Search Engine Land)
  7. Slack’s redesign eyes its next source of growth: Regular people (Protocol)
  8. So We’re Working From Home. Can the Internet Handle It? (New York Times)
  9. 13 Ways Businesses Can Use SEO & Marketing to Combat Coronavirus Impact (Search Engine Journal)
  10. Authorities Eye Using Mobile Phone Tracking COVID-19’s Spread

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