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Weekly Top Ten #6

It’s Friday. To celebrate (and like we do every Friday), here are our Top 10 finds for this past week.

This batch is a good one.

  1. Firefox enables DNS-over-HTTPS by default (with Cloudflare) for all U.S. users (Hacker News)
    This is an interesting turn. With more browsers (Chrome at the forefront) turning off tracking cookies, this new technology is going to make marketing
  2. Even 25 Years Later, the Iomega Zip Is Unforgettable (How To Geek)
    These Zip drives were revolutionary, especially when the other option was a 3 1/2 floppy disk that couldn’t hold anything more than 1 mb of data.
  3. Does Page Speed Actually Effect SEO (Backlino on YouTube)
    This is worth the ~8 minute watch time. We would love your thoughts on this.
  4. Equifax paints itself as a cybersecurity leader now (Protocol)
    The irony is not lost on us.
  5. A senator is demanding to know how Facebook will stop misinformation from spreading online (Recode)
    Facebook needs to do something about the misinformation on its platform. Currently it’s not doing enough.
  6. Major vulnerabilities found in top free VPN apps on Google Play store (VPN Pro)
    VPNs are great when they work. But nothing is worse than the illusion of privacy when none exists.
  7. Alphabet’s Loon, telecoms unite to boost high-altitude internet (Engadget)
    The idea of having high-altitude weather balloons delivering the internet to underserved areas across Earth is really neat.
  8. AI baby monitors attract anxious parents: ‘Fear is the quickest way to get people’s attention (Washington Post)
    AI and privacy concerns mixed with newborns… what could go wrong?
  9. There’s something strange about TikTok recommendations (Recode)
    Hmmm, we wonder what it possibly could be.
  10. In Technology We Trust[ed] (Edelman)
    Fake news, deep fakes, misinformation, hacking, the technology sector isn no longer one of the most trusted sector in 13 markets across the globe.

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