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Weekly Top Ten #5

It’s Friday. To celebrate (and like we do every Friday), here are our Top 10 finds for this past week.

Editors Note: There are two links in here that go to PDFs. They are clearly marked. We just wanted to give advanced notice.

  1. Biologists rush to re-create the China coronavirus from its DNA code (MIT Technology Review)
  2. Israeli soldiers tricked into installing malware by Hamas agents posing as women (ZDNet)
  3. I stumbled across a huge Airbnb scam that’s taking over London (Wired UK)
  4. To Bolster Cybersecurity, the US Should Look to Estonia (Wired)
  5. Did the Early Internet Activists Blow It? (Slate)
  6. Hackers, Counterfeits, and Way Too Much Email: All the Tech Worries Keeping CEOs Awake at Night (Inc)
  7. What’s Wrong With Tech Folks Who Attack The Tech Media. And What’s Wrong With Tech Media Today. (Hunter Walk)
  8. Mobile phishing scam hits customers at big North American banks (CyberScoop)
  9. NASA’s moonshot whiplash (Axios)
  10. We’ve Just Seen the First Use of Deepfakes in an Indian Election Campaign (Vice)

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