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Weekly Top Ten #4

It’s Friday. To celebrate (and like we do every Friday), here are our Top 10 finds for this past week. Oh and Happy Valentines Day to those who choose to celebrate.

Editors Note: There are two links in here that go to PDFs. They are clearly marked. We just wanted to give advanced notice.

  1. Facebook payout a rallying cry for privacy backers (Protocol)
  2. Our.News fights misinformation with a ‘nutrition label’ for news stories (TechCrunch)
  3. Why Dead Sonos Speakers Mean You’ll Never Own a Driverless Car (OneZero on Medium)
  4. Tech companies target your sanity (Axios)
  5. Google’s next news investment (Axios)
  6. Senator Josh Hawley wants to overhaul the Federal Trade Commission due to how they handle “big tech” (Sen. Hawley’s site PDF)
  7. Interesting data from Ofcom in the UK about childrens’ usage of technology (Ofcom’s site PDF)
  8. Docker Registries Expose Hundreds of Orgs to Malware, Data Theft (Threat Post)
  9. Google Chrome will be blocking non-secure downloads via the browser (Threat Post)
  10. Algae Caviar, Anyone? What We’ll Eat on the Journey to Mars (Wired)

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