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Weekly Top Ten #1

As this site continues to grow, I’m exploring different types of posts that I want to do to provide value to you, my readers.

This is the first edition of our weekly top ten Web finds from this week. Sometimes they will be interesting articles, sometimes they will be products that seem neat and, even, revolutionary.

This will be a weekly issue. I plan on having more indepth topic drive content bi-weekly. So stay tuned.

  1. Here Is the Technical Report Suggesting Saudi Arabia’s Prince Hacked Jeff Bezos’s Phone (Motherboard)
  2. Exclusive: Apple dropped plan for encrypting backups after FBI complained – sources (Reuters)
  3. Rest in Peace, Mr. Peanut—Planters Kills Off Iconic Mascot in the Lead Up to Super Bowl (AdWeek)
  4. Scaring People into Supporting Backdoors (Schneider on Security)
  5. Trade tensions rise as US threatens car tariffs (BBC)
  6. Microsoft accidently exposed 250 million customer service records (Engadget)
  7. How to Replace Yourself in Your Business Without Losing Control (Entrepreneur)
  8. Google’s mobile-first indexing guide update emphasizes the same content across site versions (Search Engine Land)
  9. MarTechBase (Find The Right Marketing Tool To Help Your Company Grow)
  10. The billion-dollar battle over .org registry ownership intensifies (Axios)
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